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  • 【Dynamic Massage With Breathing】This electric cupping machine is a perfect combination of traditional cupping and modern technology, combining dynamic suction and red light heating in one device. Compared to traditional hand pumps used by other systems, its mode automatically continues to pump and release throughout the process. Dynamic massage mode for automatic suction and release for more effective relief of the target area.Great tool for Gua Sha!
  • 【Effect and Safety Upgrade】Cupping adds a decompression button and countdown pause items. When in use, the cupping will automatically enter the 20-minute countdown off mode, and it will automatically pause even if you fall asleep in the middle. At the end of the pressure release, just press the decompression button to achieve automatic separation without forcibly pulling it out. This method of use is safer and more comfortable than traditional methods of use.
  • 【Adjustable 10 Temperatures】This is elegant electric cupping set with 10 heating modes, equipped with heating modes for shoulders, back, neck, calf, buttocks, and middle. Red light heats up to 50°C without harming the skin.
  • 【10 Temperature Adjustable】This is elegant electric cupping set with 10 heating modes equipped with heating for the shoulder, back, neck, calf, buttocks, and in-between. Red light heats up to 50°C without harming the skin.
  • 【Small and Portable】The size of the cupping cup is 3.54×3.4in, the small size is convenient for you to carry, whether it is on the sports field or outdoors, it can let you enjoy massage heating services anytime, anywhere. In addition, it is very convenient to operate, and even beginners and the elderly can quickly adapt to it.

Auniq cupping therapy set can be used anytime and anywhere on the back, neck, shoulder, waist, and leg pain relief by placing cupping cups on your body, which helps loosen muscles, remove tension, increase circulation, arthritis pain relief, relieve stress, sedate the nervous system, improve sleep quality, relax the body and much more. Great tool for Gua Sha


1.People with the too weak constitution should not be cupped, which will make them weak;

2.After cupping, rest for more than 45 minutes before taking a bath to avoid catching a cold;

3.Cupping is not suitable for pregnant women with heart disease, blood disease, skin disease, menstrual period, overstay, over hunger, and drunkenness;

4.Cupping is not suitable for the navel, precordial area, delicate skin, damaged area, nipple, and bone protrusion;

5.The service time is recommended to be 10-15 minutes. For the elderly or children who are not in good health, time shall be halved. For the elderly or children who are not in good health, time shall be halved;

6.Do not use it in the same place for 5-7 days after the imprint has disappeared.

7. The cupping therapy set is initially set to gear 12, and beginners are advised to try from gear 1.