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I Hate Sex

I Hate Sex

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Dr Stephen Langer, the author of solve the riddle of illness

 I hate sex. What's that all about? Is it a symptom of low thyroid?


You're tired all the time and the last thing on your mind is sex. Every ounce of energy goes to taking care of the everyday things you have to do to stay alive. Getting kids to school to go out to work.

So you get thru work and the last thing on your mind is sex..

 When you're bone tired..

Depressed because of all the stuff going on and frequently you're malnourished..

 Now to engage in sexual activity and become passionate. The only thing your passionate about is closing your eyes and going to sleep...

Relationship are suffering because ppl are not functioning optimally during the day

 Especially when a person is expereincing  all the symptoms of low thyroid.

Also you're not absorbing nutrients properly even when you're taking vitamins and eating well..

The first thing to go is sexual activity

Too tired to engage

Sex to someone that's its that tired is too go to sleep

They don't hate sex. You hate the fact that you know sex is important to the relationship

And your partner has the energy to engage and you can't accommodate your partner because you dont have the have the energy

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