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Comfortable With Stress

Comfortable With Stress

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A common body types is the adrenal body type
let me explain,
the adrenal glands are 2 little triangle glands that sit right on top of the kidney so the purpose of the adrenals is to counter this one thing called stress
So, the adrenals have everything to with do stress; emotional stress, physical stress & infection
You name it
emotional stress, by the way, like losses, can hit the adrenals a thousand times more than actual physical stress
that's why the lost of loved one can turn into a major problem with your health. So the first problem with this adrenal Gland body type is developing belly fat.

This fat in the belly is a 100% coming from cortisol.
Cortisol is the hormone that activates fat being stored in your midsection so stress triggers cortisol, which then makes fat in the stomach.
So here's the question.
Why is it going there and not somewhere else?
Because the location of all the vital organs, like the heart and liver and kidney happen to be in your midsection, that's why you gain weight in the belly. The body has a survival mechanism that wants to hold this fat as a way of feeding it

You might have some superficial fat but it's mainly around the organs survival mechanism.
So when people have the belly sag, it means that your body's not surviving too Well and the adrenals are overactive
the other thing you want to know about belly fat and stress is that stress over time can accumulate belly fat as you age
in other words, when you're 18, cortisol is at its lowest
when you get to 50, 51,52, after menopause, That's when it's at its highest.

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